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Pre-Party Check List

Dear Host/Hostess

We are very excited that you have chosen us for your upcoming celebration. Our staff is looking forward to assisting you to make this a memorable day. Below is a pre-party check list and reminders to insure your guests have an awesome time
  • Party times start with jump time. When your jump time is over, then your party time starts. These times are not interchangeable. No food or drink is allowed on the bounce floor.
  • Party time is when you may eat and drink. During jump time a drink or light snack may be given jumpers as needed. If you begin serving party food during the jump time, you will forfeit remaining time.
  • We cannot guarantee the party area you will be assigned to unless you have booked a private party. Private parties must be reserved through the office.
  • Your party includes 30 invited jumpers. The birthday child/children are free. If more arrive, please remember it is $5.00 per extra jumper. Supervising adults and infants 18 months and younger are free.
  • Anyone attending your party, regardless of age or if they participate as a jumper, must be listed on a waiver dated the day of your event. These will be provided at the door. Or you can download a pdf from our website.
  • As the host/hostess you are required per the terms and conditions to have 1 adult for every 6 jumpers (6 years and older) on the bounce floor while you are having your jump time. This means that the adults are actively watching and participating with the jumpers to ensure safety rules are being followed.
  • Children 5 years and younger must have a separate adult within 2-3 feet when on the bounce floor
  • As the host/hostess you are required to have your guests follow all safety rules. You may review the general safety rules here safety rules. The entrance of each bounce will may have specific rules posted for that ride.
  • Staff will be on site to assist with cleaning and ensuring equipment is function properly. They will also remind guests of safety rules. They do not count as part of your required adult to child ratio. Our staff is not allowed to physically help kids in and out of equipment. They are only allowed to touch a child when rendering first aide with a parents’ permission.
  • We do not provide food, decorations, or table coverings. If in stock, we do sell bottled water. There is no water fountain. Please plan accordingly.
  • Decorations
    • Decorating time is included in the total time you have reserved. Example if your party starts at 2 pm. You can start decorating at 2 pm. This includes outside vendors you may hire to decorate. Arriving early does not guarantee access to your designated party area.
    • We do not allow loose glitter, confetti, or table scatter. This includes balloons that have these items inside them. Glitter or confetti bombs are not allowed on premises. These items are extremely difficult to clean up. Bringing them will forfeit your deposit.
    • Piñatas are allowed only for decoration purposes. They are not allowed to be used as an activity.
    • Balloons should be weighted. Any balloons that are released cannot be retrieved due to our celling height. We do not reimburse for lost balloons.
    • No decorations can be put on walls.
    • All decorations must be within the boundaries of your designated party area. If you are planning on special decorations that require additional space, you must make prior arrangements with the office (subject to availability and additional fees).
    • Any special characters or activity (such as face painting) may be done during your party time and must be confined to your designated party area.
    • Each location has at least three 6’ rectangular tables for gifts and food. We do have a vinyl tablecloth on these. You are welcome to put your own over to match your theme.
    • Round tables we do not provide tableclothes.  A 60" round table cloth will fit most of our roundtables.  n
  • Food:
    • Food should be served only during your party time.
    • Serving party food before your jump time ends will result in forfeit of remaining jump time. No refunds will be given.
    • We do not provide any food at our locations. You are welcome to bring what you would like to celebrate.
    • No Alcohol is allowed on premises. Guests found with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises. If this is the host/hostess of the party, no refund will be given.
    • There is limited access to outlets for crock pots and warmers. If you are planning to use these, please contact the office so arrangements can be made.
    • There is limited refrigerator and freezer space that is shared by all parties and staff. Please plan accordingly.
    • Locations with food prep areas are shared with other parties and staff.
    • We do not provide utensils, table ware, tablecloths, candles, lighters, matches. Don’t forget a knife.
  • Please remind your invited guests that socks are required to jump. We do have some for sale if someone forgets.
  • When you arrive, you will need to check in with staff at the door.
  • All guests must check in with staff to sign a waiver and obtain wrist bands.
  • As the host/hostess you are responsible for making sure all personal items are removed from the facility at the end of your booking. All trash from your party should be put in the provided trash cans. Any spills or smashed cake on the floor should be reported to staff as soon as discovered so that it can be cleaned up quickly.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office Monday thru Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Thank you!
Jumpy Jump Land