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Safety Rules

Host/hostess are responsible for ensuring all guest are aware of and following all safety rules. This includes additional rules posted at specific equipment.
  • No gum, silly string, candy, food, or drinks are allowed on the bounce floor.
  • No shoes, jewelry, watches, or sharp objects on bounce floor. Please check your pockets
  • Running is strongly discouraged for safety.
  • Do not jump down slide surfaces. Jumpers are to be on their bottom with feet first when playing on slides.
  • Jumpers are to use designated entrances to bounce. They are not to climb slides to get to the top.
  • Do not climb or hang from the interior/exterior of any inflatable. This includes netting and sides of equipment.
  • All patrons entering the facility must be listed on a waiver dated the day they attend. This includes jumpers and Non jumpers
  • All children 0-17 years must have a wristband.
  • Adults are encouraged to jump with their children.
  • During Reserved Parties : The Host/hostess is to ensure there is one adult for every 6 jumpers (over the age of 5) on the bounce floor during jump time.
  • During Opening Jump : Adults are required to stay with the jumpers they brought.
  • In addition, Children 5 and under must always have a separate adult with within 2-3 feet them on the jump floor.
  • Socks are required in inflatables regardless of age. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Do not go behind inflatables or Staff Only Areas.
  • No rough housing. Host/hostess are responsible for making sure older jumpers are watching out for younger jumpers.
  • No flips on or in the inflatables. No standing on top of the slides.
Guests that do not follow the safety rules will be given one verbal warning. Continued violations of these rules will result in loss of bounce time and no refund will be given.